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Weed Delivery 101

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How to evaluate your weed delivery quality

At some point in your cannabis journey, it is more than likely that you have encountered low quality weed. Although the days of lame “brick weed” are long behind us, you still have a chance of unknowingly buying bad buds!!

We’re here to help!

Here are some tips on how to make sure you are getting what you paid for with every weed delivery.  Granted, there is absolutely no substitute for an actual smoke test, but we’ll show you how to eyeball your weed before  you start rolling that next joint.

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bud structure

When you receive your next weed delivery take a moment to examine your buds.  All things being equal, indica buds tend to have a more dense and tightly woven. Sativa buds, on the other hand tend to be more light and fluffy. However, it is important to remember that if you are buying a hybrid, your cannabis my take on the characteristics of both.

Another quick tell is that sativa buds are often covered in far more pistils (the little red or orange hairs) than indica buds. The best quality sativa will have pistils generously dispersed throughout the bud, not just clustered in some areas of your bud.



Avoid buds with loose, open structures and visible stems


Indicas are generally tight and dense, while sativas are fluffier with more pistils



Cannabis Colour

Weed Delivery Color

Quality cannabis buds should be generally green in color, not brown!  The exact shade can range from lighter, frosty greens to darker, forest greens, with undertones that range from purple to rosy to golden.

The important question to ask is: does the bud look like it came from a healthy plant? It is not uncommon for quality buds to have hints of purple, pink, blue, etc. However, if the majority of the bud is rusty red, brown, tan, or yellow in color, it came from an unhealthy plant.

Buds that looked bleached white (not frosty with crystals) are the unfortunate victims of light burn, an unfavorable growing condition in which the plant is subjected to extremely high-intensity light. Avoid these buds, as they won’t give you a quality smoking or vaping experience.


Avoid buds that are brown, tan, yellow, red, or white in color.

Quality cannabis is primarily green in color, with a wide range of accent colors and undertones.


Smell your next weed delivery first

Well-grown, quality cannabis buds should have a pungent, identifiable smell — that skunky aroma that ranges from slightly sweet to earthy to diesel-like — indicating high terpene content. Alternatively, inferior buds often lack any smell or smell similarly to hay or alfalfa, a sure sign of poorly grown and/or cured cannabis.

For reference, rich scents like coffee and chocolate are typically indicative of an indica strain, while bright, acidic citrus notes are generally characteristic of a Sativa. Hybrid strains will likely contain components of both profiles.

Some Key Takeaways For Your Weed Delivery…

Avoid buds that smell like hay or have no discernible smell at all. If it doesn’t have that characteristic dankness, you probably don’t want it.

Pungency is directly linked to potency and terpene content.

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